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LPG autogas storage tank on a garage forecourt

Our Installations

Specialist autogas LPG refuelling
facilities for petrol forecourts

Bulk storage solutions

Autogas Limited has developed a specification led installation process that not only exceeds industry standards and is fully compliant with UKLPG Codes of Practice and Institute of Petroleum regulations, but is also cost effective, reliable, and causes the minimum disruption to forecourt operations during the installation period.

Our engineers are amongst the most qualified, experienced and respected in the automotive LPG industry having commissioned over 230 sites to date. They routinely and efficiently handle the complex process of applying for planning permission and Petroleum Officer consents needed for an installation. Once these have been granted our specially trained and approved contractors undertake the necessary civil works and install tanks, pipe work, pump, dispenser, electrics and electronics.


Autogas Limited has a bulk storage solution to suit just about any site. The majority of LPG sites in the UK have above ground storage tanks but LPG can be stored above or below ground, whichever is most suitable for a particular site. The gas is stored in pressurised vessels located in accordance with strict industry codes of practice, planning regulations and Petroleum Officer approval.


Autogas Limited liases with forecourt operators to find out what type of dispenser is most appropriate for their particular customer offering.  For the ultimate in streamlined forecourt operation, an integrated Petrol, Diesel, LPG multi-grade dispenser can be offered.

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Key safety features

Autogas Limited is committed to providing an industry leading solution to retailing Automotive LPG. Installations are fully integrated into the existing forecourt emergency systems including Fireman’s Switch and also incorporate a number of special features into the design…

Features like:

  • Failsafe air operated valves to protect the whole installation
  • Shear valves to protect the installation if the dispenser is hit
  • Breakaway coupling on dispenser hose

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