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Second hand LPG vehicles

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Buying a second hand LPG vehicle is one of the easiest ways to enjoy the benefits of autogas LPG. There are lots of second hand LPG vehicles on the market that represent good value for money and a number of companies specialise in selling these vehicles.

When purchasing any second hand vehicle there are a number of factors to consider and purchasing a used LPG vehicle is no different. The following is intended as a guide only and should you have any doubts as to the structural or mechanical integrity of a vehicle consult you local UKLPG approved installer or garage for independent advice or consider having an AA or RAC inspector assess the vehicle.

Check vehicle documentation

All LPG vehicles, whether converted or bought new from the manufacturer should state “LPG”, “Dual Fuel”, “Bi Fuel” or “Alternative Fuel” on the vehicle log book (V5). In addition factory fitted LPG vehicles, typically Ford, Volvo and Vauxhall, should have reference to this in the vehicle owners manual.

UKLPG Conversion Certificate and Vehicle Register

The vast majority of LPG vehicles have been converted after purchase from the manufacturer. If the vehicle has been converted by a company registered on the UKLPG approved installer scheme the vehicle will have been issued with a UKLPG conversion certificate or registered on the UKLPG Vehicle Register. Find more details here.

Safety Check

If a UKLPG conversion certificate is not available, the vehicle does not have one and it is not listed on the UKLPG Vehicle Register it is recommended that you have an LPG system inspection carried out. This can be completed at any of the UKLPG approved Installers, should cost around £100 and take approximately 1 hour to complete.

System Compatibility

You should check the LPG system fitted is suitable for the engine as not all LPG kits available are suitable for every engine. If in doubt consult your local UKLPG Approved Installer.


Check with your insurance company that they will insure an LPG vehicle. The vast majority of insurance companies do, but as with all insurance policies you will need to check the individual requirements. Most insurance companies will check the UKLPG Vehicle Register or ask to see an UKLPG conversion certificate or vehicle safety check certificate.

Companies that specialise in pre-owned LPG vehicles

The Greenfuel Company
Arun Autogas
MNS Autos

Used car websites

Auto Trader – in the ‘Find Used’ section, click ‘More options’. On the next page you can specify ‘Fuel Type’. Selecting ‘LPG’ or ‘Bi Fuel’ from the drop down box will display used LPG powered vehicles on sale throughout the UK so long as the advertisier has specified it. Alternatively, use ‘LPG’ as a keyword to search on.

Pistonheads Classifieds – either Browse ‘LPG/Alternative Fuels’ from the classifieds homepage or select ‘Advanced Search’ and type ‘LPG’ in the ‘Search in Titles’ dialogue box.

eBay - on the eBay homepage in the text box type ‘LPG’ and in the categories drop down list, select ‘Cars, Motorcycles and Vehicles’.