Average UK Autogas price: 69.4p 129.8 134.0
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LPG autogas injectors on a car


Switch to autogas LPG today

The choice of LPG vehicles in the alternative fuels market is second to none with most petrol engines suitable for an LPG conversion.

Nearly all autogas vehicles are dual fuel meaning they can run on either LPG or petrol and as such have two independent fuel systems & tanks. Of course, to make the most significant money and emissions savings, users of LPG cars run on the fuel as often as they can.

LPG fuel tanks can be located beneath the boot floor, in the spare wheel well in place of the spare wheel, or mounted under the chassis, in the case of vans & 4×4 vehicles, resulting in no loss of valuable boot load space.

Most LPG kits are completely integrated with the existing fuel and engine management systems of modern vehicles resulting in a reliable and efficient autogas system.

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